There are two phases to a movie. First you shoot the movie, and then you make the movie. Generally, post-production is longer than filming.- Keenan Ivory Wayans

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a small to medium size business? Or maybe your someone with a creative talent such as a musician, singer, rapper, songwriter, actor, producer, comedian, etc… And are in need if professional post production at an affordable costs. At Huro Media we have a dynamic post production team, led by Award Winning Music Video Producer & Disney Editor Charles Heureaux, that edits dynamic motion graphics.

Huro Media keeps your mission at the forefront of any video project and uses the advantages of our brilliant creative thinkers when editing your video. As an award winning video production company, we understand the psychology, the mechanics, and the value of video distribution. We will make sure that your video serves its corporate and/or promotional purpose.

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